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Tobacco Store

Tobacco Store | Tommy's Tobacco Shop - Tucson, AZ

If you enjoy the smooth taste of a fine cigar, you’ll absolutely love what we have to offer you at Tommy's Tobacco Shop. We understand how frustrating...

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Hookah Store

Hookah Store | Tommy's Tobacco Shop - Tucson, AZ

Hookah is a wonderful, rich tobacco experience that is perfect for enjoying by yourself after a hard day at work, as well as with friends in a casual...

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E Cig Store

E Cig Store | Tommy's Tobacco Shop - Tucson, AZ,AZ

For those who might be unaware of what e-cigarettes are, they are essentially battery powered vaporizers that turn a flavored liquid into a smooth and...

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Welcome To Tommy's Tobacco Shop

While there are plenty of places in Tucson, AZ to buy cigarettes, if you love fine tobacco products, you might have a hard time finding a store with a selection that can provide you with what you want. Whether you just want to enjoy a cigar or are looking to try out an electronic cigarette, we’re certain to have everything you’ll want at Tommy's Tobacco Shop. Our staff is friendly and we have an extensive inventory that easily makes us the best smoke shop in town.

We proudly sell all of the following tobacco products and accessories, including:

• Electronic cigarettes (including E-go and several other brands)
• E-liquid/E-juice
• Loose/pipe tobacco
• Cigars
• Cigarettes
• Hookahs
• Vaporizers
• Scales and dabblers
• Wrapping paper
• Glass pipes
• Detox cleansing products

We want to see that our customers are completely satisfied, which means we’ll do everything we can to see that you find whatever you need during your visit to our cigarette shop. Every member of our staff is highly knowledgeable about all of the tobacco products we carry and will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

We have the best supply of tobacco products in the entire Pima County area, and you won’t find any other smoke shop in Tucson, AZ that can beat our prices or the level of our customer service. We want to be your one-stop smoke shop when it comes to shopping for tobacco products and, more important, we want your experience in our shop to be fun and memorable. If you’re interested in viewing our fantastic inventory of tobacco products and accessories, visit us at Tommy's Tobacco Shop today!

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